Carsten Levorsen, Martin Professional A/S

Martin Professional A / S is a leading developer and manufacturer of computer controlled lighting sold primarily to entertainment and leisure industry.


For production of the computer controlled lighting, we had invested in a cell with two robots meant to be cooperating in the production of completed optics assembly. After a, according to the robot supplier, completed commissioning, we had a very unstable output regarding both quality and quantity, resulting in triple shifts often depending on technical support for troubleshooting and repairing.


Attitude among employees and management was gradually to “throw the robot cell in the harbor” as there were always problems!

We were contacted by BEC who was very interested in helping to optimize the robot cell, and we started close cooperation with BEC’s technician and our technicians.


After systematic diagnostic and cause analysis, the following improvement measures on the robot cell were launched.

- Technical changes and calibrations of robot arms and environment.

- Ensuring systematic maintenance and calibration

- Quality assurance of raw materials.

- Competence development of the right employees.


BEC is a great partner who very proactively prepares a professional robot solution that employees and therefore the company is comfortable with. Today we produce a better quality than ever before and with a very stable output meaning that we have to produce in one shift only – with no significant support.


Ralf Jakobsen, Tetra Pak Hoyer

Tetra Pak Hoyer is a leading global supplier of production equipment for the ice cream industry. At Tetra Pak Hoyer, we need to be able to support our customers instantly regarding problems and breakdowns in equipment.


On several occasions, in periods without available resources, we have interacted with BEC and with great success.

We have also repeatedly called on the BEC as a sparring partner for our automation department concerning technical problems on the servo – also with success.


We see BEC as a highly competent partner with a great understanding of our and our customers’ needs for support.


Bjarne R. Pedersen, Dampa ApS


Dampa is an industrial company with 125 employees, we have machines that are up to 40 years old. Machinery is constantly renewed, and controllers have changed from being relay based to controllers based on PC-PLC technology.


Because of mergers of three factories, we have not been able to standardize our equipment. Therefore, our maintenance people are in the situation where they can support to some extent, and often we have spent a long time troubleshooting because of lack of education and training.


One option is to upgrade our people, but the alternative has been to find a supplier who can serve us in both acute and planned situations. After testing several possible suppliers we found that BEC can solve this task. BEC has a qualified staff that finds the time for solutions of urgent tasks. We save a lot of lost production time.


We have also purchased upgrades of existing controls to new controls, where the repair was no longer profitable or the reliability was poor.


All in all we are really pleased with our cooperation with BEC.


Lasse Hansen, Elefantriste A/S

We have two older machines with BEC controllers which we have been very pleased with. These machines have proven to be very reliable and user friendly, and if problems arose we received assistance immediately.


When we had to buy another machine in 2003 we chose a control from another supplier because it was cheaper. Unfortunately we have experienced many problems with this controller and it did not meet our expectations. For example, we had certain parts which we had to give up producing on the new machine and instead run on older machines with BEC controller


With pleasure we were granted money to replace the the controller on the new machine and we replaced it with a new BEC controller.


We now have a total of three machines with this new BEC platform and we are very pleased with them. We have not experienced the large reduction in transition time, but in return the parts the machine produces always meet our quality demands and we can now produce all our different item types on the new machine.


I was also been pleased with the design process . I feel that we got everything we ordered and maybe a little more.


Ulrik Nielsen, ACO Engineering

We had an XY Schlatter welding machine with an older BEC controller. This controller has been running really stable for many years, so when it was time to renovate the controller it was natural for us to ask BEC if they would look at the task with us. Mechanically the XY table and welding unit from Schlatter may last many more years.


BEC made an interesting solution, where of course we were able to state our demands and desires. Especially our demands for user-friendliness and programming using CAD files must be emphasized. BEC was very responsive to our suggestions and together we found the right solution.


The agreed delivery time was met, and in general we had good a communication with BEC during the project.

The user-friendly operation makes it easier to educate new operators and leads to fewer errors during production.

Easier programming via CAD files, and with the possibility of adapting the recipe directly from the screen by pressing directly on a point or a line.


This means faster transition and that is very important for us as we have many orders with 1 or a few similar items.

The machine’s faster reaction between the movements gives a reduced production time for each item.


Since installing the new control of the machine the system has been running very stable and efficient.

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