RF controlled vehicle


Get the job done from a distance!


CASE: You have an inaccessible area to maintain. The only way to cut the grass and bushes down is to let people climb the hills and use hand held tools. Uncomfortable, expensive and slow!

Use the RF remote control to let the belt driven flail mower, trim the steep slopes of the inaccessible areas AND save manpower.

The Apache flail mower can trim grass and bushes on slopes of up to 50 degrees, from a distance of up to 200 meters. It measures the angle itself and gives a warning if the slope is too steep, the fuel is low, if something is stuck in the belts and shows other status information on the display.



The operator is using a standard RF handheld joystick unit, and a receiver unit (on the vehicle) is transferring the operator wishes to the PLC and other control devices on the vehicle, using CANbus.


The PLC is intended for mobile use in a harsh environment and the in- and out-puts are configurable. This secures the flexibility to interface to any type of vehicle and the electrical devices on it.
Use BEC concept to control any type of vehicle remotely.


Control system flexibility:

  • In-, output configurable
  • Any variable on display
  • Enhancement possibilities
  • 2 CAN bus interfaces
  • 8-32 V DC supply
  • Digital, PWM outputs
  • Digital, voltage, current, frequency and resistor input

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