Use Smartphone to view machine status


Increase the accessibility of status for your production line, with our new remote access option for PLC and PC based control systems:


CASE: Use the operator to different tasks in the factory and let him use his smartphone to view the status of one or more machine. Due to the information on the smartphone, the operator can attend the machine when (and only when) it is required and at the same time bring the tools/material needed to get the job done. Hereby reduce the man power and costs needed, to increase the production line efficiency!


Using the built-in webserver found on all Beckhoff systems provided by BEC we are providing access to production statistics and the current status of the equipment.

This information can be accessed using a regular internet browser e.g. Internet explorer or Chrome. This means that all kind of devices are able to view the information.

View production status on:

Office computers



Large screen TV’s


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